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My name is Millie Burns and I have lived in Hanoi for two years after I moved here to pursue a career in ESL teaching and journalism. I have been a successful ESL teacher for this time and have recently started freelance journalism with Word Magazine Vietnam. I have created this blog as a way for me to stay creative, improve my writing, and have a place for my thoughts and all that other stuff that hopefully, some people will enjoy!

Want to write for me? A collaboration you say?

I'm always down for guest posts. If you want to write something for me that you think fits with the general content of this page, let me know and I will be happy to hear you out.

Want to collaborate? Write something together? How about an art piece, story, or an ongoing project? Feel free to contact me by email at any time with your detailed idea, and we'll have a talk about it!

Where to find me / Talk to me

Email: millieinhanoi@gmail.com                    
Website: www.millieburns.com  
Facebook: www.facebook.com/millieinhanoi                   
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Professional Experience

Editing and Proofreading for University Students

I have been offering this service for university students in Vietnam.

Skills I have obtained for this job include:

-Time management, sending work back in a timely manor
-Editing and proofreading articles/essays/projects or correct English grammar, fluency, and improvement of vocabulary words.

Freelance Writer - Word Vietnam - October 2016 to present

Word Magazine is a what's-going-on magazine based in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have been freelancing for them for a few months and have written several articles for them.

Skills I have obtained from this job include:

-Sticking to a strict style guide

-Writing in different styles
-Sticking to strict deadlines
-Traveling with the intent of writing
-Editing articles

Owner - millieburns.com - December 2015 to present

I currently run a travel/personal/lifestyle blog called Millie In Hanoi where I write different styled pieces and currently post every ten days.

Skills I have obtained from this job include:

-Web designing
-Basic Photography
-Self management
-Time management

Writing Samples



Want to see more of my work? Here is my dropbox portfolio.

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