The Sunday Art Project.

So basically I want to create more art.

I am not an artist.

I don't get paid for my art.

I don't always love my art.

But I do (almost) always love the process.

Inspired by one of my FAVORITE bloggers down at 'notyourtypeblog', I will be doing an art piece, project, review, talk, challenge, interview, journal, medium etc every Sunday. I'll briefly talk about it each week, but the main focus will be on the art. 

If you would like to be a featured artist or would like to have your work posted on a Sunday anonymously, please contact me at

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Week Six - Calm

Trees and blue. Hoan Kiem lake. Things that make me think calm thoughts.

If I had to add to this I would add some blue or light green to the first page, I feel like it's a little bit empty.

Week Five - Smilies

"You've got me thinking
about how your fingers
pitter patter
on my skin like the start
of summer rain
sizzling once it hits the

How our bodies crash
together like waves in a
violent storm
with passionate
reckless abandon.

How you fir to me like
the curves of a Van Gogh,
flowing seamlessly
sparking new colours
at friction points

and then how in one
swift moment of pure

Silence and hot breaths.

The waters,
a simple lap at the shores.

You've got me thinking

Week Four - A Poem

I was so excited to do this one, once I saw the prompt I jumped at the opportunity. I was a it nervous about how it would go, but once I started, I couldn't stop.

"That smile is a sunflower
in a wilted field of others
maybe I'm just blind
unable to see
anyone else
in this dull mess
but you
oh you

with that sunflower smile"

Obviously written about my wonderful fiancé, this piece came easily to me when I thought of the first thing of his that came to mind, that turned out to be his smile.

Week Three - A City

I was obviously going to do Hanoi for this prompt! I went and found a magazine and cut out a bunch of pictures that said 'Hanoi' to me and then I wrote a poem.

"How do you make me love
and hate you in the same

How can you be so
charming and yet so utterly
disgusting at the same time.

Why do you pull me in
an string me along
just to throw me back and
leave me there to


I love you
I hate you
I want to leave
I want to go home
You are my home

I want to stay forever"

-Amelia Burns

Week Two - An Old Medium

Coffee stain on paper. Something I used to enjoy doing, I revisited for the journal. I loved doing this and I love the way it turned out!


Week One - The beginning

I accidentally took this photo with the flash on and I kind of liked the way it made it look.. like a school girl's hidden journal in the dark. This is week one.


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