Saturday, December 12, 2015

Magic Time

 There’s this magical time of day; a small window of every day that’s just made up of pure magic.
The children have just gotten home from school and the sounds of their laughter and play fill the busy streets.

Young lovers eat ice-cream from held hands as they skip stones into the lake, smiling with such love in their eyes.

The middle aged do their daily exercise in the sensual almost-sunset light.

Families take their beloved animals for walks along the lake where the sun glimmers off the calm ripples from the fishermen’s rods.

The fishermen; perched on the lake’s edge, catching fish for their cats' dinners.

Friends sit on tiny stools and enjoy ice tea together, laughing uncontrollably at each others conversations.

From afar, silhouettes of these people can be seen across the city lakes horizon. 

Each enjoying this warm time. Each enjoying the undying love of this time. Each enjoying being impossibly happy and caring at this time.
There’s this window of complete bliss for about half an hour each afternoon. I call it the magic time.

-Millie Burns

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