Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Stickers // Free Printables!

I am obsessed with planning and journaling. I have been keeping a bullet journal for a year now with no sign of slowing down. As well as this, I keep a poem journal, a blogging journal, multiple doodle journals, and scrapbooks. So many notebooks.

I love finding images and collaging them in my journal. Especially on a nice warm summers day, with the breeze through my window, an ice tea in my hand, and a summer mix playlist.

Or on a winters day, a hot coffee in my hand, a blanket on my shoulders that will inevitably fall down from concentrating too hard on my crafts.

I wanted to make some stickers to play with this summer, and I thought that some of you might want to use them too!

It's as simple as a click, download, and a run to the printer shop and you can be sitting at home relaxing with some pretty images in your hands too.

Need help with your Vietnamese?
To print one copy on regular paper in colour: in màu giấy thường 1 bản
To print one copy on cartridge paper in colour: in màu trên giấy dày 1 bản
To print one copy on sticker paper in colour: in màu trên giấy sticker 1 bản


I used sticker paper which was bought from 'Hien Luong' on Tan That Tung Street for 70k a ream. I was also lucky enough to score myself some free printing because I brought my own paper. But if you don't you can expect to pay 1-2K per page.

I've created three different colour schemes for you to print for your own use.

Click the colours below to access the files.

What I Did

Disclaimer: I am NOT an artist. I do try, and I do enjoy it. And that's all that matters!

I printed mine on sticker paper. This was my first time using sticker paper and I must say, as happy as I am with it, the quality didn't come through as much as I thought it would. 

The first thing that I wanted to do is to create a page in my brand new art journal.

I cut out all of my images, and started playing around with how I wanted them to look on the page.

I did this same thing with the blue and the peachy/pink theme.

I also did a weekly spread in my bullet journal... this is how it turned out ↓

I had so much fun creating these stickers and playing around with them, I really hope you will too! If you do make anything, please send me photos on my Facebook page! I'd love to see them!!!

-Millie Burns

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