Millie In Hanoi is always welcoming guests who want to post on the website! If you want to submit a standalone post, or you want to contribute to the Sunday Art Project series, check the guidelines below and then send me an email!

You will need:

  • To be in Hanoi or have been to Hanoi
  • To write a travel/lifestyle/story time piece that has something to do with Hanoi
  • or if you want to submit for the Sunday Art Project, tell me about your art
  • To be open to me editing your piece before submission
Post guidelines:

  • Have knowledge of writing blog posts, such as using subheadings, strategic titles, and links
  • Write something that's between 400-800 words (with exceptions for things such as poetry or a long post with a good reason)
  • Include in your posts relevant, quality photos
  • At the end of your post, add a photo of you and a short bio. This is where you may include your website or social media links
  • Your post must be neat and tidy. If I feel some structural changes need to be made, I will chat to you about that

You are free to add in your post your own website, Facebook, Instagram, etc, but posts blatantly advertising a service or product will not be accepted.

If you want to do a collaboration, I am definitely down with that. Art or writing, I am always keen on bumping creative heads and making something beautiful.

Email me anytime at: with the subject line 'CONTRIBUTE'. Please include your name, your post idea in details, and your Facebook page.

You may also message my Facebook page 'Millie In Hanoi' any time.

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