Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pho in Melbourne // Thien Long Restaurant Bayswater

It didn't take long of me being in Australia to miss Vietnamese food, and while staying with my aunty in Ringwood last week, I decided to source some out.

Mum and I came across Thien Long Restaurant on the Mountain Highway in Bayswater when we had a peak through the window and saw the GIANT bowls of pho that the guests were enjoying. We walked in and were greeted kindly and shown a table to sit at.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was relaxed and I felt very welcome there. We were given menus and a full thermos of hot green tea to enjoy while we pondered our options.

The menu wax extensive, with many variations of traditional Vietnamese and Chinese food. Mum ordered the combination beef pho and I ordered the My Xao (fried noodles) with crispy noodles, something I've never tried.

I was so proud of myself to have ordered in Vietnamese and am proud to say that the waitress didn't even realize we were speaking Vietnamese together until half way through the order.

   "Chào chị, Cho em một phở bò thập cẩm ạ"
"Ừ" "Và một mỳ xào bò ạ" "Ừ" "Và một trà chanh ạ" "Ít đường hay nhiều đường?..." "... Wait, you speak Vietnamese?!" "Một chút chị ạ" "Một chút à?... hihihi em còn gọi gì nữa không?" "Một sinh tố dừa chị ạ" "Chờ chị một chút" "Em cám ơn ạ"

Our food came in good time and it was absolutely delicious. The first thing that stood out to me as being different than Vietnamese food in Vietnam is that the beef was utterly succulent. Vietnamese beef is quite chewy and stringy, and the beef used in both the My Xao and the Pho just fell apart in the mouth.

With our meals we got a lemon juice and a coconut smoothie which was one of the most delicious drinks I've ever consumed. The whole two meals and drinks cost less than $30 all up, sweetening the deal even more.

Melbourne, I've heard of your Vietnamese food being delicious and you have proven everyone right. I will definitely be returning here when I am next in the area!

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