Saturday, December 12, 2015

Unknown Fates

Never will I forget
The look on the face of a man who has just been in a bad accident.
First, you noticed the vehicle, ripped from it’s shell, torn to pieces by the bitumen, smothered along the road.
Then, the body by the vehicle, moving slowly, so slowly, unsure of what the hell has happened and why the hell his brain isn't connecting with his legs.
You go closer to help and thats when you notice it. The vacant, given up face. The nothing left face. Completely adorned in his own blood, the man is unrecognisable even to himself. His glassy eyes look at you; although, it was more straight through you, never quite reaching your eyes, sending chills down your spine and making you legs weak.
Your heart starts as you realise the trouble he’s in, while he lies there on the road, losing blood fast. From his whole face, from his severed arm, down to his lifeless legs. You ask ‘do you need help’ and then it’s the plead.
The vacancy in their eyes turns to desperation as they plead for help. They choke out the only words they can conjure ‘help. please’ before the energy of the plead ceases and the desperation in their eyes turns back to helpless lifelessness.
You do the only thing you know you can and call for help but when they come they take him without a word. And you’re left there wandering.

What happened to him.

-Millie Burns

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