Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Blues

It seems it has become that time of year again. The time where early mornings are no longer a part of my day – and my energy no longer comes from the sun’s rays.
What do you do when you lose all motivation and energy, when you don’t even want to shower because it’s too cold when you get out? I feel like there’s just no point doing anything.

Even still there is so much I have to do to prepare to go to Australia next week. But I can’t get myself off the couch to do these things. 
I thought today I will get out and remind myself about all that’s beautiful where I live and take photos of things I find beautiful. But even after thinking that’s a brilliant idea, I can’t imagine anything worse than going outside.
All I can find myself doing all day is procrastinating the day away. Face timing people from over the world, sitting on the couch complaining. 

But still, procrastinating is doing nothing for me. Do I start trying to wake up earlier? Do I try to do more exercise? Drink more water? Sleep more. It seems no matter my feeble attempts to regain that energy and strength I strive so much off, I am getting nowhere.

Safe to say I am excited to be in the Australian heat next week! Bring me that summer love!

-Millie Burns

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