Sunday, October 2, 2016

October Goals – 2016

Goal setting is something I have been periodically doing only recently. I have been setting ‘themes’ for each month and been setting goals pertaining to those themes for interest, last month my goals were set around my mental and physical health and looked a little something like this
  • Read at least 2 books
  • Do more art
  • Walk every day
  • Drink 2Liters of water a day
  • Wake up 9am every day
1.5 books were read, lots of art was done, walks became more frequent (but were definitely not an everyday thing), I have definitely been drinking enough water, and I have been waking up between 8:30 and 9:30 every day.
All in all, a successful September health goals wise.
This month I have decided to focus more and more on this blog and working as much as possible, and my goals look like this
  • Accept all cover shifts that I am available for
  • Reach my daily goals each day
  • Get at least one new job
  • Stick to two+ blog posts per week
  • Create new designs for appealing blog posts
  • Plan blog posts ahead of time
  • Join an online/in person blog writing/creative writing course
  • Gain followers/traffic on my blog
Writing these goals down, and especially publishing them to the world always makes it seem more real – and almost like a challenge. If I post these, and people read them, and then I don’t do them who am I? A phony that’s who. And I ain’t no phony.

Through these monthly goals, I hope to become more busy, and feel like I am completing more. I love writing, and I love working. I am aiming to not only do these things more this month, but to get more out of each of them.
‘developing a routine’ is something I have also been doing to improve my quality of life by having things I ‘have’ to do each day. I have been losing my routine with traveling, changing jobs, etc and I needed a way to make the days have meaning. It’s something I’ve been working on each day and so far it’s going really well.
This is all a part of my life scheme to better myself. I’ve found that setting goals; daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term, helps me to stay focused on whats important to me, and stay on-track. I write them in my journal/planner (post about this coming soon) and check up on them every day. I want to be more organised, more motivated, and overall feel like I have more control over my life (even if I don’t, really)
If you’re reading this, get up, get your butt into gear, set some goals and stick to them!
-Millie Burns

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