Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Monthly Recap

April Recap

April was a big month for me. A lot of great things happened, I turned 21, and I went on a trip with my best friend to Thailand!
I also lost a lot of classes due to public holidays, and earned a lot less than I usually do! But I'm great on a budget, so we should be good!

My favorite photo of the month:

I can't possibly choose this month, so have a few!

  • A photo from my Thailand trip (which I'm still on now when this gets posted!)
  • Some hilarious graffiti I found in a local park saying 'Safe sex pls'.
  • A photo from a really sunny day where my fiancé and I were enjoying a juice.
  • The cutest child I've ever seen in one of my classes.
  • My best friends enjoying a drink on my 21st birthday.

My posts this month?

This month, I posted my 'Back at it Again' post for relaunching my blog.

I then posted a storytime called 'THEY PEE EVERYWHERE', and a storytime called 'How I met the Love of my Life in Hanoi'. I also reviewed Tranquil Cafe, my favorite cafe in Hanoi.

As an added surprise for this month, I started a project called the Sunday Art Project, where I do a piece of art each Sunday inspired by a prompt and post it here!

What did I learn?

I learned in April that having low expectations can really improve your experiences.... especially when it comes to doing anything in South East Asia.

Did I reach my goals? What were they?

My goal for this month was to leave behind my frustration at finding a new job, and to focus on creating quality content for my blog. I do believe that this was achieved!

What are my goals for next month?

Next month I want to find a new job with no stress involved!

Book of the month?

'The World to Come' by Dara Horn. Very well written, it's a mystery novel about a stolen art piece. Taking you through America, Russia, and Vietnam, the novel explores different time periods, and follows multiple peoples' stories. A really great read! 

A note to you:

Create. Find your passion. Do things you love and do them well. There's no one else that can do exactly what you can do, remember that!

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below, I'm always open to feedback, tips, ideas, or just a good old conversation!

-Millie Burns

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