Friday, March 31, 2017

March Monthly Recap

March Recap

I think it’s important to reflect on ourselves often, and I’ve been doing this personally for a few months now, but I decided to post it on my blog and hope that others take a chance to reflect on their lives also. We should always work toward bettering ourselves, and this is one simple way to look back on the last few weeks, see what we have done, and what we want to do next month.

My favorite photo of the month:

I took this photo at a cover class I had recently. This month I lucked out with work again. I thought I'd be gaining about 8 hours a week which would've been amazing, but I ended up losing a class. I did recently join with a new english centre and have been getting cover classes though. I'm not struggling for money, but I so do long for some solid work.

My posts this month?

This month I redid all of my blog posts and transferred them to my new domain name I reposted my 13 Things I have Learned in Hanoi post and updated my Custom Planner post.

I also made a new post about organising your life, you can read it here

What do I hope to leave behind?

In April I hope to leave behind my desperation at finding a new job and be more humble about finding work. Im not going to stop actively looking for work, but I am going to stop stressing about finding more work right now.

What did I learn?

In March I learned that I can handle a lot more work than I thought. I am strong, and I am a hard worker, who loves my jobs. 

Did I reach my goals? What were they?

One major goal for this month was to relaunch my blog again, with a real website and a Facebook page. Well, it's nearly ready to launch! And I am so excited about it!!!

What are my goals for next month?

Next month I hope to create some quality content for my blog so that I can gain a little family of followers. I want people to read my work and enjoy it, so please, if you enjoy it, follow it, and give some feedback :)

Book of the month?
Unfortunately I did not read a book this month, but I did just start one, so check back next month for how that went.

A note to you:

If you are reading this remember; you are strong, life doesn't give you more than you can handle. Keep going because things will get better. Sometimes life seems like it's all up in the air or you're making a big decision, but I promise, when you look back it will all make sense. Enjoy each day. 

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below, I'm always open to feedback, tips, ideas, or just a good old conversation! -Millie Burns

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